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Computational Drug Design - A Tribute to Frank Blaney

October 4th, 2024 at GSK's Medicines Research Centre in Stevenage


This symposium is organized in honour of Frank Blaney.  Frank was an early adopter of computational chemistry, championing its use in industry and was a founding member of the MGMS.  Known for his innovative work in molecular modelling and drug discovery, Frank’s many associations included Oxford University, Queen’s University Belfast, GSK, Sosei Heptares and the MGMS.

This meeting brings together leading scientists to discuss their pioneering work in utilizing computational methods to address a wide array of challenges in the biological sciences. The event serves as a platform to celebrate Frank’s legacy and inspire further advancements in the field.

The meeting will address research areas: 

•    Quantum Calculations in Biology 
•    Computational Methods in Drug Discovery 
•    Multi-Scale Simulations
•    AI in Drug Discovery


Invited Speakers: 
1. Tim Clark, University of Erlangen
2. Nicola Richmond, Benevolent AI
3. Paul Finn, Oxford Drug Design 
4. Ben Tehan, OMass Therapeutics
5. Adrian Mulholland, University of Bristol 
6. Steve Gardner, PrecisionLife 

7. Alissa Hummer, University of Oxford

8. Nigel Richards, University of Cardiff
9. Irina Tikhonova, Queen’s University Belfast 

The symposium will be held on October 4th, commencing at 9:30 AM and concluding at 4:30 PM. Please stay tuned for the release of the detailed program schedule. 

The symposium will feature space for poster presentations and commercial exhibits throughout the day. We encourage researchers to present posters and industry partners to showcase innovations during breaks and lunch. Displays should be set up at the start of the day. For submission details, please contact

To foster a collaborative and engaging scientific exchange, we have capped the number of participants at around 150. We encourage you to secure your spot promptly for this groundbreaking event, which will delve into the exciting applications of computational methods at the intersection of chemistry and biology!

Registration fee: £80 for non-MGMS members, £55 for MGMS members, and £50 for students 

Location: GSK's Medicines Research Centre, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, SG1 2FX

Scientific Committee: 
Steve Maginn, Chemical Computing Group
Mike Hann, GSK
Ian Wall, GSK
Irina Tikhonova, Queen’s University Belfast

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